Featured Services

Store Front Pressure Washing



Your store front provides the first impression for your customers.  It’s cleanliness tells your prospective customer whether or not you care about your appearance, and can be inviting, or a deterrent.  Our power washing service has been seen around Lafayette LA improving store fronts daily!

Building Washing



Soft Washing the exterior of your building is a must here in Lafayette, Baton Rouge & Youngsville.  Our damp weather causes mold to grow on just about anything, and can really give your building a beating.  Our regular pressure washing contracts not only take care of you initially, but year-round.

Residential Pressure Washing



If you live in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Youngsville, or anywhere in between, you know how much moisture can cause damage to your home.  Don’t let your largest investment become an eye sore with mold growth.  Our residential soft washing services are insured and experienced!

Maintenance Plans



Maintaining a clean appearance on the outside of your property can be a challenge for Louisiana.  But with Cajun Power Washing, the headache goes away!  Our power washing company is insured, experienced, and can service any property large or small in Louisiana, Eastern Texas, or Mississippi.


Welcome to Cajun Power Washing
Commercial & Residential Power Washing in Louisiana, Eastern Texas, or Mississippi!

At Cajun Power Washing, we believe that no job is done until we have exceeded expectations. We feel strongly that our clients should never have to settle for anything less than transformative… And are passionate about creating that shining first impression for them, each and every time.

Cajun Power Washing is proud to offer our extended community in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Eastern Texas a full suite of services that will enhance their property’s curb appeal and boost its longevity.

Our team has received extensive training to ensure that our customers get the full package: beautiful results achieved by meticulous attention to detail. Whether you have a large business, a restaurant, or a family home, the experts at Cajun Power Washing have solutions to your needs.


Committed To Your Success

We only use the best equipment, the most advanced technology, and the most successful soft washing methods to get results. We also use cleansers that are both effective and earth-friendly, ensuring that you can enjoy your transformed property with the peace of mind that your family, customers, and property is in good hands.

At Cajun Power Washing, we believe that our customers should get the best results without having to take time from their already-busy lives. That’s why you can count on us to take care of the entire process so that you can focus on what counts: Enjoying the outcome!

We appreciate that no two clients are alike

That’s why we offer a range of pressure washing services that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority, after all – and we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients experience the difference they deserve!

Cajun Power Washing is your one-stop solution to your commercial and residential needs. Our services include residential and commercial power washing, no-pressure roof cleaning, concrete cleaning, window cleaning, and lawn care. We also offer our commercial clients emergency spill cleanup, restaurant cleaning, and heavy equipment cleaning.

Actual Insurance for Real Protection

Did you know that some exterior washing contractors lie about having insurance? With Louisiana being one of the highest sue states in the US, proper insurance from your exterior washing contractor isn’t just a want, it’s a must have. Cajun Power Washing carries all the proper insurance for your property needs, and we can prove it – just ask!

Why is insurance such a must-have? Think about it: If you hire an inexperienced pressure washing company, the risk of damage is high. Working with high water pressure, mixing cleaning chemicals and detergents requires know-how and skill. One wrong step and your property could show those scars for years. A pressure washing company without insurance has either: A) not been in business long enough to be able to afford insurance; or B) caused enough damage already to have been dropped by their insurance carrier. Either way – you don’t want to risk it!

Pressure Washing Your Lafayette, LA Property

What happens when Cajun Power Washing shows up at your property? The owner at Cajun Power Washing opens up for a quick interview so you can take a peek at the inside process:

What is the first step when you’re hired to soft wash a home?

“The very first thing we do is check out the property online. Pulling the home’s specs can often give us some insight into the home’s construction that the homeowner may know little about. It’s good to be prepared with the right soft washing equipment and detergents prior to showing up.”

Interesting, so the job starts before you start soft washing?

“Exactly. Once we show up at a home that is to be soft washed, we do a walk through then too. Noting any potential problems before we start washing is just as important as showing up with the right equipment.”

What kind of potential problems would you be looking for?

“I suppose this just comes with experience, but you start to see things after several years. Like electrical boxes that aren’t properly covered, damage to windows or siding that could let moisture inside, potential problem areas that could build up standing water, specialty surfaces, that kind of thing.”

That must be reassuring for your customers to know that you’re looking out for their property. You mentioned specialty surfaces, what does that mean?

“Well you can’t just wash anything. There are some surfaces that need extra care, less pressure, if any at all, and little to no detergent. A mahogany door for example, would be completely ruined if you pressure washed it the same as the vinyl siding house it’s installed on. I get calls from inexperienced pressure washing companies wanting to know how to fix something they damaged, simply because they didn’t realize what would happen.”

Good to know. What can a homeowner or manager expect from an exterior washing from your company?

“Not just a good end result. Exterior washing is about more than just cleaning. You have to know how to look at a property and manage the customer’s expectations as well as provide good communication. Starting from the initial bid, talking to the customer about what they are looking for is important. If it’s a commercial property, they may have specific restoration requirements or unique circumstances they need to adhere to. If you don’t know those from the get go, you can’t provide them with a good exterior washing experience. So I guess to answer your question, they can expect an easy experience with lots of communication, and of course a clean property!”

Thank you for your time.

“My pleasure. I am always happy to explain what we do.”